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What happens if you get hit by a bus?

        What if you go out of business?

                Burn a DVD and put it in a safe deposit box?
                You're kidding, right?

Escrow gives customers peace of mind that their considerable investment will not be lost in the unlikely event of a depositor going out of business, or escrow can serve as the middle-man between you and your client to deliver assets to the client upon their payment to you.

All of these benefits will reassure your client that their investment in you and your assets is secure which will result in more signed contracts and business for you.

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Vendors can establish an account within minutes and put products and associated files in escrow.
Customers can view their escrowed receivables and - once release conditions are met - download them hassle free.
Developers can integrate the Tower 48 escrow process into their development environments as well as the applications they build.

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